Garty Wood

Garthy Woods, Knocklyon, Co. Dublin

Instead of a full retrofit of all lamps, the OMC for Garthy Wood decided to start rolling out Pingwave as a replacement when existing Lighting or Emergency Lighting, in their common areas failed. To date 10 units have been replaced and we would expect all 40 to be replaced before the year end due to the age and high failure rate of the existing CFL units.

Projected Annual Savings Summary
Running & Maintenance Costs 88% on the units replaced
Energy & CO2 83% – 2,300 kWh or 1.2 Tonnes*

*When all 40 are replaced the savings percentages remain unchanged but the positive impact increases to 9,300kWh and 4.9 Tonnes respectively.

Once actual data is provided by the Property Managers we will update this page.

Garthy Wood to save 88% on lighting…
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