Mount Talbot

Mount Talbot, Co. Dublin

Located behind the Ibis Hotel off the Red Cow in Dublin. The Property Management Company chose to retrofit our Pingwave 2D LED Emergency Light primerily due to the high number of CFL lamps that were failing. The cost saving, estimated in excess of 85%, was a bonus!

This site already had external Daylight Sensors fitted therefore the estimated savings are slightly lower than others. These sensors were a key contributor to the high failure rate of the CFL lamps; they don’t like being turned on and off too much. While the sensor reduced the running cost, it actually increased the maintenance costs.

Projected Annual Savings Summary
Running & Maintenance Costs 86%
Energy & CO2 81% – 10,000 kWh or 4.5 Tonnes
Mount Talbot to save 86% on lighting…
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