Spencer Dock, IFSC, Dublin

Pingwave is delighted to have retrofitted Spencer Dock’s Stairwell’s with over 1,000 Microwave Lights, resulting in Cost Saving’s of over 35k per year. All lights are now set on 10% of output during darkness ensuring a cost saving over 20 times on the original CFL Fitting (During the Daytime all light remain off )
Anyone interested in viewing Spencer Dock with Pingwave Lights can do so from the public footpaths on Guild Street to Spencer Dock Railway Station. Spencer Dock also benefited through the Energy Saving’s Rebate Scheme
Crosbie’s Yard, Dublin 1

Pingwave Lighting has been awarded the contract to fit out Crosbie’s Yard, close to Dublin’s IFSC with our “Smart” LED Lights. This vote of confidence in Pingwave’s products and service is testament to its unrivaled quality.
Shrewsbury Square, Dublin 4


Pingwave has recently upgraded the Car Park and Hallway’s & Corridor lighting resulting in Saving’s of over €25k at “Ireland’s Premier Address”, Shrewsbury Square in D4. We have received extremely positive feedback, with owners saying that the can’t believe how bright our lights are even on the Dimmable Setting. Shrewsbury Square qualified for an Energy Rebate Please visit the link below to see Shrewsbury Square.


Ballintyre Hall Apartments, Dublin 15

Ballintyre Hall
Over 500 Lights Retrofitted with Pingwave “Smart” LED
Client said it “Was the best thing we ever did, and have saved over €40,000 per annum on electricity, maintenance and labour”. Also qualified for the Energy Saving’s Rebate Scheme

Natural History Museum, Dublin 2

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum’s storage warehouse has been fitted with Pingwave’s “Smart” LED and is saving the customer over 20k per annum in electricity.

 The Richmond Apartments, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7

Richmond Apartments
300 2D Lights for the Hallway’s and Corridor’s have now been installed. We also upgraded the Car Park with our new “Smart” Car Park LED Lighting system. We expect that the Richmond will now save in excess of 25k p.a. in electricity costs and qualified for the Energy Saving’s Rebate Scheme.
Client said “I never knew you could set all the lights to 10% for permanent low cost lighting”.

Premier Square, Dublin

The Management of Premier Square have begun sampling Pingwave Lighting in an effort to substantially reduce their substantial Maintenance and Electric bills.

Premier Sq

Hampton Wood, Finglas, Dublin 11

Hamption Woods
Over 450 Lights Retrofitted with the Pingwave LED Lighting Solution
Client said “It has saved us over €20k per year in electricity and maintenance” Hampton Woods

The Bottleworks, Ringsend, Dublin 4

Over 320 Lights Retrofitted with Pingwave LED Technology
Client said “Pingwave is super fast and years ahead of our old Sensored Lighting”. Has qualified for the Energy Saving’s Rebate

 Carrickmines Green, Carrickmines, Co. Dublin

360 Lights Retrofitted with State Of The Art Pingwave LED Lighting System
“We are getting a €20 annual cost saving which is amazing and there is no expensive maintenance for years to come”.

Dublin City University, Dublin 9


One of Ireland’s largest universities has installed Pingwave Lighting. The Management and Maintenance staff were hugely impressed with their efficiency and cost saving results.


Staycity Services Apartments, St. Augustine Street, D8

Stay City

“The Pingwave setting of 10% in our hallways is the perfect solution for our guests”
 Marlsfield, Clongriffin Dublin 17


Pingwave has recently fitted out this new development with Pingwave Lighting, resulting in 80% cost savings with ROI of approximately 15 months.

Dakota Court – Dublin 3

Dakota Court

“Pingwave’s Car Park LED Lighting is the best solution we have seen on the market” This has resulted in over 12k savings as well as qualifying for the ENERGY REBATE
Knockmaree, Chapilizod


Pingwave was awarded the contract to fit out the Car Park, Corridors & Hallways, where savings have been achieved exceeding €10k per year in both areas, which the complex is delighted with.

Rivervale, Ashtown


Pingwave fitted out the entire development, including Car Park using our “Smart” LED Lighting Technology. Customer said “The dimmable settings allow for peace of mind 24/7”
Q House, Sandyford
Q House Sandyford
Late 2015 – Client is happy that all Stairwells are Emergency Rated and on Motion Sensor
Merrion Woods, South County Dublin

Merrion Woods
Premium South Dublin complex, the third Sherry Fitzgerald Apartment complex to be Retrofitted with Pingwave LED Lights, resulting in 90% cost saving
Client said ““Everyone who experiences Pingwave just loves the lights and the cost savings really are fantastic”!”.

Eaglewood, Rochestown Avenue, Dun Laoghaire

Development popular with professionals, Eaglewood in Dun Laoghaire chose  Pingwave to supply and install  “Smart Lighting”
Shelbourne Village, Ringsend, Dublin 4

Located in Dublin 4, Shelbourne Village recently upgraded to Smart LED from Pingwave resulting in significant savings on their light bill
Bridgewater House, Clonmel

In May 2017 the new property agent identified the need to update the internal lighting, which had outlived its lifespan. They selected Pingwave for its outstanding efficiency and ability to select a dim function. Once installed, they said Pingwave far exceeded their expectations.
Frankfort Court, Rathgar, Dublin 6


The Residents and Management had wanted the Peace of Mind that Pingwave delivered with its Emergency Rated LED Lights. This along with the associated cost savings provided have ensured that they are extremely happy with their choice.

 Park View, Rathbourne, Ashtown

Rathbourne - Ashtown

Rathbourne has Retrofitted with Pingwave throughout its common areas and in their Car Park. They are extremely happy with the quality and energy saving properties of Pingwave
Mount Talbot, Dublin 24

Mount Talbot
The Property Management Company chose to Retrofit our Pingwave 2D LED Emergency Light primarily due to the high number of CFL lamps that were failing.
Client said“The cost saving, estimated in excess of €5k, was a bonus!

 Clonliffe Square, Croke Park

Clonfiffe Square

The directors of Clonliffe compared several quotes, and Pingwave came out on top in every category i.e Price, Quality and Warranty. As a result, we were the contract to retrofit the Hallway’s and Corridor’s with our “Smart” LED Lights.
Abbey Glen, Cabinteely

Abbey Glen Cabinteely

Abbey Glen in Cabinteely are delighted with the costs savings obtained by fitting out Pingwave “Smart” LED throughout the entire complex including the Car Park.
Fitzwilliam Quay, Ringsend, Dublin 4

Fitzwilliam Quay
Client said “We installed Pingwave in our Corridor’s & Hallway’s in 2013 and it paid for itself within two years. As a result, we returned Pingwave to roll out their Car Park LED which will result in an 80% cost saving”

Fitzwilliam Point, Dublin 4

Fitzwilliam Point

Pingwave is delighted to have begun Phase 1 of this prestigious development in Dublin 4

Beacon Hotel – Stairwells

Beacon Hospital
The management said “The 10% Setting on the Stairwells is a fantastic solution”
Carrig Court, City West, Dublin 22

Carrig Court
This Apartment Development in the ever-popular City West area Retrofitted 120 Lights with Pingwave LED Lighting. The client said “Savings are expected at over 85%, and all lights are set on 10% so there are no ‘dark areas’.”

Farranlea Hall, Wilton Road, Cork

120 Lights Retrofitted with Pingwave Microwave LED. 200 to follow.
Client said “It’s the super fast sensor that sell’s it” Fantastic savings of 90% achieved to date.

Dawson and Dean Court, Christchurch, Dublin 8

Dawson Court
Prominent apartment complex in the heart of Dublin City Centre has recently been Retrofitted with the very latest in Pingwave Lighting Technology – Microwave Motion Sensor, Photocell Sensor and Adjustable Settings
Client said “Pingwave Emergency Lighting has resulted in 85% cost savings”

Christchurch View, Dublin 8

Christchurch View
Christcurch View has rolled out all three LED Solutions provided by Pingwave: 2D, Car Park LED, and Recessed LED, savings thousands over their costly legacy system.
Aiken Village, Stepaside, Co. Dublin

Aiken Village
Client said “Pingwave Emergency Lighting has resulted in 90% cost savings. We are also delighted to have recently installed the LED Car Park Light which we highly recommend”.

Dublin Business School, George’s Street, D2


“Pingwave has installed their dimmable 2D LED lights into all our stairwells and we’re delighted with the results”

Kings Inn Court, Phibsborough, Dublin 7

Kings Inn Court
Modern apartment complex close to Dublin City Centre, installed Pingwave LED Corridor and Hallway Lighting Technology: Projected savings of 90%

Chancery Hall, Church Street, Dublin 7

Chancery Hall
Medium size residential development, up until recently with CFL lights on 24/7. Church Street installed Pingwave Ceiling LED Lights, and the client is now Eliminating Maintenance Costs and Saving 88% in terms of Energy and CO2 Emissions

Summerfield, Ringsend, Dublin 4

Our Client has recently installed Pingwave’s “Smart” Car Park LED Light on top of the Hallway and Corridor light installed in 2014. Together, combined savings will exceed 80%.

Rathfarnham Mill, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Rathfarnham Mill
Prominent Dublin 16 residential development in Rathfarnham, recently Retrofitted the Pingwave LED Lighting System, and the client is now saving 87% in Maintenance Costs and 80% in terms of Energy and CO2 Emissions

Cranmer Place, Dublin 4

Cranmer Place

Our Pingwave 2D LED Solution with integrated Emergency Rating IS3217 has been installed in Cranmer Place, and meets all building code requirements.

Garthy Woods, Knocklyon, Dublin 16

Garthy Woods
Expected savings of 80 plus% in Maintenance Costs and Energy using Pingwave’s “Smart” LED Technology.

Jervis Street Carpark, Dublin 1

Hamption Woods
Premium city centre Car Park complex. Illuminating not just the Car Park but also the Stairwell areas. No ‘dark areas’ guaranteed with Pingwave LED Lights.

St Clare’s Primary School, Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6W

St Clare's Primary School
Another example of a non-residential location adopting Pingwave’s 2D LED Emergency Light. The client is delighted to be working with Pingwave and cost savings are approximately 87% on previous costings

Parkview, Lucan, Dublin 20
Pingwave installed it’s technologically advanced integrated “Smart” LED into Park View, Lucan resulting in significant cost savings for the owner’s.
Focus & Enterprise Suites, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

Harcourt Street
Premium Dublin City Centre office complex, Pingwave has retrofitted the back stairwells of this premises, resulting in massive cost savings to management.
Client said “Pingwave simply made sense based on price and cost savings”.

Indigo Property Management

Major Residential and Commercial Properties throughout Dublin

One of Ireland’s largest prime property management firms, they have made significant investments in Pingwave Lighting. Andrew Power, Indigo Property Management Director says;
“In conjunction with Pingwave, Indigo has completed a full upgrade to all Common Area Lighting in eight developments under our management. The state of the art Pingwave LED Lights are already delivering energy savings in excess of 80% to our clients, this coupled with the reduction in maintenance costs going forward will ensure Indigo can continue to deliver value for money and service charge reductions to apartment owners. From the proven savings and the huge amount of positive feedback already received from residents, all at Indigo agree the projects were a complete success. Indigo intend to roll Pingwave Lighting out in further developments under our management in the coming months.”