Is Your Car Park Electric Vehicle Ready?

  • Pingwave Is Currently In Discussion With Provider’s To Supply and Install “Smart” Electric Vehicle Charging Points In Private Car Park Spaces
  • Pingwave Technologies is committed to the provision of “Smart” Solutions that fit with our ethos of high spec energy saving concepts
  • Pingwave is Committed to Long Term to Sustainability, such as battery storage and photovoltaic solar panels
  • Step 1 is to install 80% rate reduction Pingwave LED, thus freeing up cash and allowing for capital investment in “Smart Infrastructures”
  • Step 2 Install Solar Paneling and Battery Packs, thus harnessing the power of nature to power Common Area Lighting
  • Step 3 Smart Grid usage, to power Electric Vehicles at night


How is Pingwave able to reduce Emissions?

  • Pingwave’s Smart Technology utilises integrated Microwave Motion Sensor and Daylight Sensor to ensure you only have illumination when required. Therefore: No Wasting Energy.
  • LED Technology is far more efficient at converting energy in to light than the older CFL technology, therefore offering the same lumen output but with using significantly less energy.
  • LED Technology requires a far smaller driver than CFL thus considerably more energy is converted to light rather than heat.
  • Contact Pingwave for Energy Rebate details

Energy & Emissions Reduction with PingwaveEnergy & Emissions Graph