Pingwave Lighting is a specialist installer , manufacturer and seller of quality LED Lighting, where annual cost savings range between 80%-90% in Car Parks, Corridor’s and Hallway’s as well as our solutions for Commercial, Office and Retail

Pingwave’s  ‘Smart’ LED Lighting Solution guarantees the following:

  • Pingwave only illuminates when required
  • Pingwave considerably reduces Running and Maintenance costs for the end user
  • Pingwave replaces CFL with very Efficient, Eco Friendly, SMART LED technology
  • Pingwave “Smart” LED is multi-functional and differs considerably to Alway’s On LED Light’s, saving almost Double over many competitors.
  • Dimmable function saves considerably over Always On LED
  • Contact Pingwave for Energy Rebate details

Pingwave 2D LED is perfect for Hallway, Stairway and Common area Lighting, making it ideal for:

  • Apartment and other Residential Complexes
  • Commercial Premises, such as Warehouses
  • Car parks
  • Back Stairwells and Emergency Exits (Pingwave Lighting Guarantees no ‘Dark Areas’ and its 10% Energy Setting guarantees constant light, illuminating to 100% when motion is detected.)
Pingwave Smart 25W LED T8 Tube for Car Parks incorporates the following functionality:
  • Dimmable Function 20% (Low Dim) 33% (Bright) 50% (Very Bright)
  • Super Fast Microwave Detection (No Dark Areas)
  • Integrated Photocell
  • Emergency Battery compliant with EN-60598-2-22
  • Tri-Proof Housing

Most other LED manufacturer’s are providing Always On LED. Pingwave is different. Our “Smart” LED only works when needed, through the combination of Photo Cell and Motion Sensors. The Pingwave Dimmable Functionality provides additional technological advancement that can deliver efficiencies of 40% to 60% over our competitors.

We also now provide superb solutions for Commercial, Office and Retail Environments. This includes Flat Panel and Track Lighting

Read all about what our customers think on our testimonials page and get in touch today to start saving money with ‘Smart’ LED Lighting from Pingwave Lighting.

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