At Pingwave we understand that capital projects require a financial investment. We are delighted to now announce that we have partnered with Linked Finance to provide Capital Financing to qualified applicants. This means that subject to satisying the lender’s Terms and Conditions, you may be able to upgrade your premises in full from the Car Park to the Hallways and Corridors with energy efficient, Low Running Cost LED from Pingwave Lighting. Please Telephone us at 01-9011326 to enquire about this option.

Cost Neutral Solution. Depending on your project we may be able to offer you a Cost Neutral Solution. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Should you not qualify for Financing, we may still be able to offer other solutions. For example, have you considered Retrofitting on a phased basis rather than all at one time?

Other funding options may include your Sinking Fund and the Accelerated Capital Allowance scheme:

Sinking Fund

Apartment owner’s should be aware of the obligations under the Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011. The Owner Management Company, Managing Agent or Property Management Company has to establish a Sinking Fund from the Management Fees. This fund is intended for repairs and enhancements to the development of which an upgrade to Pingwave LED Lighting is an excellent project of choice.

Pingwave savings will help replenish your Sinking Fund considerably, with a relatively rapid return (12-24 months approx) on your investment.

Accelerated Capital Allowance

For a qualifying company, this scheme may allow for 100% of the capital cost to be claimed against your corporation tax.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss funding options. Don’t assume you can’t afford it, the question really is can you afford not to contact us?

Our neighbours in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales also have similar incentivising schemes.

Northern Ireland

For details on Retrofit Funding contact the Carbon Trust Northern Ireland.


For details on Retrofit Funding contact the Carbon Trust England.


For details on Retrofit Funding contact the Carbon Trust Scotland.


For details on Retrofit Funding contact the Carbon Trust Wales.


*Terms and Conditions Apply. Financing subject to Lender approval.

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